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 Performed on-site or free equipment pickup

 Desktop/Laptop Support and Repair

 We are the solution to your computer problems. We fix many computer problems including but not limited to:

  1. The computer won't start up.
  2. The computer freezes.
  3. The computer has pop-ups.
  4. The computer has a virus.
  5. The computer has spyware.
  6. The computer is slow.
  7. The computer has lost data files and needs Data Recovery.
  8. The computer is telling you that it is almost out of hard drive space.
  9. The computer is giving you an error message.


 PC Tune-Up

  1. Perform a spyware scan, remove any unwanted programs.
  2. Disable unneeded programs or services at startup.
  3. Defragment the hard drive.
  4. Ensure that your operating system and other critical programs are up to date.
  5. Evaluate your system for any other problems and advise.
  6. Provide advice on how to best maintain your system for many more years of dependable service and reliability.



 If you’re thinking about buying a new computer or your machine isn’t as powerful as it used to be, CroomSideComputers can upgrade your hardware and save you hundreds on the cost of a new computer.

 We can upgrade your:

 RAM (Memory) - RAM is the easiest cheapest way to increase your computers performance
 Hard drive - A larger hard drive will allow more storage space for important files, pictures, music, etc...
 Power Supply (PSU) - Ensuring your computer is sufficitently powered is vital.
 Video Card - A more powerful graphics card will provide increased performance during graphics intense applications
 CPU (Processor) - The CPU is the brain of your computer and greatly affects your computer's performance

 We can also upgrade the ESSENTIAL software in your computer. Such as:

  1. Operating System (Windows, OS X...)
  2. Productivity Software (Microsoft Office...)
  3. Anti-Virus
  4. Anti-Spyware

 Data recovery

 Do you have lost files on a computer storage device?
 We can help to recover your files from:

  1. External hard drives
  2. USB thumb drives
  3. Crashed Hard Drives

 *It is not always possible to recover data from physically damaged hard drives but, only a complete analysis will reveal if   your disk is damaged or not.


 Home Office/Small Business Services

 Network Services

 If you want more out of your computer network or it isn't doing what you want, contact CroomSideComputers. We can build you a network or optimize your current solution to increase computer business productivity.

  1. You can share files, printers, databases and secure your authentication with a well designed network.
  2. Go wireless for increased productivity and mobility

 Server installation/Configuration

  1. We can setup your webserver and email addresses for your small business and create a web presence that propels your business into the 21st century.
  2. Share files, printers, and other resources
  3. Create a backup solution to ensure the safety of your most important data in the event of a disaster situation.



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